Working with Loose Parts

Everyday we are learn more about our diverse class through our “loose parts share days”. On these days our the children present their loose parts to the class. Each child has the opportunity to share, sort, and display their items on the loose parts table, located in our art studio. The loose parts are made available to the class to use in any of their creative endeavors.

The children are empowered as they watch and participate in projects that use the loose parts they brought in. While observing each others’ work we have heard the children proudly comment, “Those are the beads I brought in for us!” Since the children are the curators and suppliers of the materials, it promotes a natural dialogue. You’ll find the children asking each other for help, discussing their plan for their project, or suggesting ideas. When one of the children was in need of advice on how to help his sail stand up on his collage, his friend suggested using a wooden block as a “stander.” He took her advice and thanked her; she proudly replied with, “You’re welcome!” Through these daily endeavors the children are learning about being a community as well as gaining insight into their own individualism.

As a tool to further expand on this experience the children present their hard work during “reflection time.” During this time the presenter stands up in front of their classmates and describes what they made and how they made it. We watch as our friends are inspired by each others’ ideas, and so are we!

– Ms. Michelle, Pre-K