We Understand

It’s now time for you to think about having your child attend a “day care.” With this decision weighing on your mind, you’re sure to have anxiety about finding the right place for your most precious infant or toddler.

We know that your hope is to find teachers who will treat your child with the same care and wonder that you do. We understand.

Alphabet Academy & The Nest’s early learning environment is designed to provide that warmth, serenity and sense of belonging that you’ve given your child throughout his young life, from the first time he steps (or crawls) inside our doors, to the day he graduates. You and your family will feel the elusive sense of peace that comes from knowing that your child is at a school with teachers that will love, care and nurture him.

The Infant Classroom


In the infant room, our number one priority is holistic care for your child and family. Infants are whole beings who should be respected as such, keeping in mind that development (physical, emotional, social, and cognitive) is unique to each child. We aim to provide an environment that allows each child to explore and play, read books, sing songs, snuggle, rest, and eat on their own schedule. We work with each family to create a smooth transition from home to school.  We understand that your baby is your most cherished gift and we treat her as such.

Respect for an infant focuses not only on their schedule and development, but also the way we communicate with the children, change their diapers, move them around the room, accept their emotions, and assist them with emotional self-regulation. We communicate with our words, movements, and materials/activities that we offer them.  Our language is responsive to their needs and emotions, while also helping them to regulate their own emotions, which sets them up for success later on.  Our infants are told what we are preparing to do, how we are going to do it, and when we are going to do it (e.g. “I see that you need a clean diaper.  I am going to pick you up and take you to change your diaper.” And we will wait for their cues.). As for materials and activities, we aim for everything in our room to be developmentally appropriate, including appropriate risks and challenges.  These will also be offered based on the interests and needs of the infants in the classroom.

As your child develops, their time at Alphabet Academy & The Nest will become more defined. Beginning with our toddler room, each classroom has a daily schedule, which provides the children with the comfort of knowing what comes next. While predictability is key, we still allow room for flexibility when needed.

A toddler’s sense of wonder

As your child enters the toddler room, their day will become more defined.  There is a daily schedule, which allows flexibility as needed, but provides the children with the comfort of predictability.

A toddler’s sense of wonder is something to behold and appreciate. We understand that toddlers learn by doing, therefore, we provide ample time for intentional free-play. Teachers observe the children so that they can provide materials and activities that meet the interests and needs of the children in their classroom.  We work with the children to become more independent and help develop their sense of pride and self-confidence as they accomplish new tasks on their own.

Learning to communicate is also an exciting, albeit sometimes frustrating milestone for very young children, so we support them through the use of baby sign language. It’s so gratifying to see how quickly little ones pick up on signing, resulting in productive communication not only between your child and their teacher but also between your child and her classmates! We find teachable moments throughout our day. These moments may happen while children listen to the birds outside, feel smooth, slippery textures in the sensory table, or sit on a teacher’s lap and leisurely investigate the many dimensions of Sandra Boynton.

Communication with parents

We cherish our intimate relationships with our families and prosper in the idea that together we create the bond that ultimately becomes the foundation of your child’s success. We understand that our common goal is to be able to share with you, almost verbatim, your child’s day. Not only will you have the opportunity to speak with a teacher in the morning and afternoon, you will also receive emails, phone calls, blog posts, Facebook and Instagram updates. In your child’s classroom you’ll also find a personal portfolio filled with Learning Stories, photographs, and samples of your child’s works of art. At the end of the day, you’ll receive an email from Brightwheel, our online daily report service.