Your child’s teacher will keep you informed of upcoming events within the classroom but these calendars will give you a head’s up to family gatherings and school closings.

2023–2024 Calendar

Weather Alerts

In case of extreme weather, Alphabet Academy & The Nest will not open. We ask that parents watch WTNH-Channel 8 news, or access for notifications

In the case of extreme weather during the day, Alphabet Academy will notify you or your emergency contact that we will be closing early. An appropriate number of staff will remain until all of the children have left.

Parent Resources

Some of our favorite resources for information about our kiddos. Please share any that you have come across that we can share with our parents.

Janet Lansbury

Peace at Home Parenting

Kids Health

Reggio Emilia Alliance

Reggio Emilia

naeyc for families

La Leche


Parent Network

Join our private Parent Network on Facebook. Parents can use this group to connect with other parents, to share upcoming events, pose questions to other parents or post children items you would like to trade, sell or giveaway or, conversely, post about something you’re looking for. It is open to current and former families. Find it here.