Empower families and teachers and harness the power of love.

Real food

Foodies start in diapers. Just as the hearth has been the center of the home for many generations, Alphabet Academy’s kitchen resides at the heart of our North Campus. Here, Chef Koren and her team prepare snacks and lunch to deliver daily to the children at all of our locations. In the morning, many parents even gather in school kitchens for coffee and communion before beginning their day.

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The Great Outdoors

Connecting to the natural world. There is something about connecting to the natural world that is so important to all human beings — particularly children. Our outdoor classrooms provide vast spaces that will awaken children’s senses and interest them throughout the seasons, allowing them to be a part of nature, in a beautiful and stimulating environment.

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Home/School Connection

This relationship starts now. Extensive parent and staff communication along with the physical presence of parents play significant roles in your child’s adaptation to a childcare setting. We want you to know, understand and discuss classroom happenings and initiatives. We invite you to look into our busy, happy and creative classrooms and see your child at play.

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Just a few of the reasons why yoga has been a part of our curriculum since 2010.
Focus  •  Attention  •  Strength  •  Flexibility  •  Body Awareness  •  Autonomy  •  Balance  •  Stillness  •  Balance  •  Breath Awareness  •  A Peaceful, Relaxed State  •  Self-expression  •  Self-Management  •  Self-Awareness  •  Self-Esteem  •  Self-Reflection  •  Creativity  •  Empathy
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