Our Vision

We at Alphabet Academy & The Nest are passionate about early childhood education. Our staff is committed to the high calling of introducing children to the world of learning, and we strive to foster an environment that allows our students to develop their innate sense of wonder through expression, exploration, and collaboration. We know that young children are capable of profound thoughts and actions when given the time and the right creative outlets; to that end, we seek to push the boundaries of early learning through curriculum and activities that spring from deep, rich, and meaningful inquiries and interactions.

At our school, children are treated as worthy members of a community. We share a world and a journey, and it is our responsibility and privilege to help students cultivate the confidence to realize their full potential and the imagination to be caring and compassionate little citizens.


Our mission is to challenge each child to reach his or her full intellectual, creative, physical and social potential through a curriculum that puts an emphasis on a child’s innate curiosity of our natural world.

Our teachers strive to be expert practitioners of their ever-evolving craft and regard their task here as a sacred one, knowing full well of the imprint they will gently impose on a child’s life, forever.

We inspire our children to become life-long learners by providing opportunities to expand their intellectual growth and thirst for contemplation, exploration and creativity.

We are dedicated to creating a diverse community that fosters a deep sense of social responsibility and mutual respect for one-another.

We honor our authentic relationship between home and school which is fundamental to the high quality of care we provide.


Philosophy and Beliefs

We practice emotionally responsive teaching. Children have strong feelings and emotions as well as happy and quiet and settled feelings. All reactions to emotions are welcome in our school. It is our job to help them work through it as they slowly build their tool box to handle stress and disappointment.

At Alphabet Academy & The Nest we…

  • Provide each child with a generous exposure to the outdoors in order to connect with and understand their place in nature.
  • Empower each child by allowing them to experiment with risk taking in a safe and supervised environment.
  • Demonstrate a healthy lifestyle by providing holistic nutrition and a farm to table education.
  • Support and mentor parents so that they may fully participate in their child’s education and growth.
  • Allow each child to understand their school’s approach to discipline which is fair, consistent, and predictable.
  • Maintain a child-friendly environment which embraces innocence, kindness, love and respect.