Our family had a wonderful experience with Alphabet Academy. The learning environment encouraged creativity, problem solving, teamwork, and empathy – the kids dove in and loved to get messy, tinker, and build. We so valued the time our kids spent outdoors while at school too, a true extension of the classroom, where they worked to building independence and confidence in all weather and all seasons. We can’t recommend Alphabet highly enough – the entire Alphabet Team was wonderful to work with and the teachers a true treasure and extension of our family!


“I just want to extend an a heart-felt THANK YOU to Alphabet Academy! I recently attended my first parent-teacher conference at my son’s new Kindergarten and his teacher made a point of asking where my son had attended preschool because he was so well prepared. The teachers at Alphabet truly understand children and spend the necessary time ensuring that they are prepared both academically and socially for their next step. We also really miss the food program and the constantly messy clothes!”   -Lani K. 


My daughter is more excited when she wakes up on a school day than on a weekend, this speaks a lot to the experience she has in the kindergarten class. She loves her teachers and her friends, the culture is one of freedom, mutual understanding and fun. She gets plenty of exercise and is allowed to “roll in the dirt” which let’s face it, few parents allow at home but gives the children a chance to learn and play in a natural way, all of that in a safe and supervised environment.


I feel that our son is very well prepared for his next educational journey – in addition to a lot of really important educational fundamentals appropriate for kindergarten, Alphabet gave him two really important things – a huge love of learning and the self-confidence to become an active learner. We are so grateful! -Marie A.

Thank you

“Thank you for the guidance.  I cannot verbally express the amount of help and gratitude that I have for you and the teachers at Alphabet.  I consider you ladies my sisters of Connecticut.  Starting a family with no biological family around has definitely been a challenge for me.  The help of the Alphabet teachers has made it so much more manageable for me.  They have been my guiding light when I have had nobody else. Although I have been a busy person and haven’t had as much time to show the gratitude I would have liked to, please relay to the teachers of the infant room, toddler room and twos room that they mean so much to me and have enriched my life as a mom in so many valuable ways. These valuable relationships are priceless.”  -Nicole H.


I’m not even sure how to truly express my gratitude and admiration. Alphabet Academy has been my son’s institution for learning the past five years. From toddlers to kindergarten, the teachers have not only stimulated and engaged him academically, but have helped him grow socially and emotionally as well. They truly listen to children, promote curiosity and guide them in self-discovery.  Sketching the habits of the chickens outside, observing and documenting life cycles, exploration with various materials, writing sight words in the snow/sand, harvesting & preparing meals with the chefs, the authentic learning environment has proven to be motivating.  My son loves, loves, loves his family at Alphabet and has a positive outlook on school, teachers, and learning because of you. So thank you Alphabet and the amazing ladies who educate for a wonderful five years. Thank goodness I still have two more children here! My sincerest love and gratitude to you all.  -Kelly S.


“Trusting someone with your son or daughter during his or her most formative and impressionable years is no easy task, but for the past two years we have done just that with complete confidence. The learning environment at Alphabet Academy is that unique blend of exposure to unique opportunities and unabashed love. Our son adores his teachers, can’t wait to see his friends each morning, and keeps us entertained with countless stories of his adventures. It is a wonderful place to learn and grow.” -Eliza and Andrew


“Only after seeing my son’s development over a period of time, making new friends, watching these incredible teachers in action, and learning some valuable parenting skills, could I really appreciate the thought and effort that goes into making Alphabet a special experience on both a daily basis and in its long-term effects. Needless to say, Alphabet’s signature contribution is the culinary program. This spoke to my heart and mind, above all other schools. Not only is it healthy, but the idea that kids can expand their palette, be expected to try new foods, and become involved with the preparation process, all makes for an important experience you just don’t see anywhere else. Beautifully-created, designed and served – it is a complete process with long-lasting results.” -Becky P.